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Ramie Daisie Blouse

Ramie Daisie Blouse

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A delightful embodiment of vintage charm and modern versatility. This whimsical blouse features playful ruching at the sleeves, adding a touch of romance to your ensemble, while the delicate eyelet and lace detailing bring a timeless elegance to your look. The convenience of a metal snap closure ensures effortless wear, while its unique reversible front-to-back design allows you to adapt your style with ease. To add a touch of personality and quality assurance, it proudly showcases the MP Love Co. patch. With the Ramie Daisie Blouse, you'll effortlessly embrace both the classic and contemporary, making it a must-have for your wardrobe's whimsical adventures.

100% Cotton

Wash in Cold Water, Delicate Dry or Hang to Dry

One Size Fits Most (52" Bust, 20" Length)

Style: Top 1567 in Purple Boba

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