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Dusty Chain Necklace

Dusty Chain Necklace

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I like things that are not fussy. Pieces in your wardrobe should make you feel good and be easy to wear. It just makes sense.

This piece has muted and mixed metal tones, making it easy to pair with any outfit and arguably a great staple for anyone’s closet. It is subtle in color but sumptuously tactile.

Mixed metal chains, and 6 raw pyrite stones. Pyrite is said to activate the nourishing energies of the body and sustains well-being. It is a uniquely protective stone and is great for those who preform dangerous work. It assists one in seeing beyond people’s facades promoting understanding and memories of friendship.

Necklace Length is 16in. – 20in. with an additional 3in. of chain hanging down in the front.

Style: NM1313

Vendor: Mya Lambrecht