A Wild Soap Bar

Organic Wild Bar Soaps

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We're on a mission to bring you the most natural, organic, and sustainable soap on the market. Not only are they free from harmful chemicals, but they're also cruelty-free. These soaps are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, allergies, or chemical sensitivities - and they make a great gift!

Blue Agave- provides powerful hydration in this bar while protecting against environmental stress and rejuvenating the skin

Desert Sage- fresh aroma of sage leaps out of this invigorating bar, while Living Clay® (calcium bentonite clay) provides extra cleansing power.

Honey Oat- moisturizing goat's milk and local honey to our soothing fragrance free oatmeal soap for a wholesome bar that's super gentle and mild. Even though there are no essential oils or added scents, this bar smells like fresh warm honey. Recommended for older babies (but not tear free!), super sensitive skin, itchy skin, and dry skin.

Passion Flower- helps to relieve anxiety as it calms frayed nerves, while organic oat flour soothes and softens your skin.

Sweet Grass- infused with sacred sweetgrass braids which were traditionally used by Native Americans for smudging and purifying ceremonies. The sweet grassy scent with bold undertones of vanilla and a hint of spice is both grounding and uplifting.

Wildflower- contains colorful shreds of many different soaps (soapourri) scented with a balancing rose geranium essential oil blend.

Wild Nights- enriched with activated charcoal, scented with a crisp sage/geranium essential oil blend, and sprinkled with their palest soap shreds for a zero waste product.

Witch Hazel- creamy lavender mint scented bar contains soothing witch hazel, organic aloe and organic oat flour to help calm itching, redness, and occasional flare ups.

3.5 oz Bar

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