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Need Styling Help?

Do you have something in your current wardrobe that you love but just aren't sure how to wear? Send us a picture of it and let us help!

There are two of us here to choose from. See who might match your style and reach out. There's no charge for any of this. And we're not trying to sell you anything; we promise. (Unless it's what you need to nail down a look!)

Send photos, who you'd like to work with, and whatever other info you want to share to sales@boutiquew.co and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


My style depends on the day of the week!
 I range from clean sophisticated architectural lines to boho chic and art to wear.
I have been dressing woman of all ages and styles for 35 years. I specialize in wardrobing women by understanding their personality and then helping them find a style that says who they are without having to speak.


My style is "Classic with a Twist"!

I like to encourage women to move a little out of their comfort zones…having a good eye for what styles will work on their body shape, I am confident they will feel good in their wardrobe choices! I don’t believe in saving clothes for special occasions, wear it, enjoy it, and feel great in it!

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(NOTE: If you see something on our site that you're interested in but just aren't sure if it's "you", please get in touch. We help our in-person customers with styling all the time, and would love to be just as helpful to our online friends.)