Floral Miner Denims

Floral Miner Denims

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Expertly fashioned from high-quality cotton twill, these trousers offer both durability and comfort. The intricate artistry is showcased through meticulous hand-fading, distressing, patching, and mending techniques, creating a truly unique and visually striking piece. Designed with versatility in mind, these Floral Miner Denims effortlessly elevate a range of ensembles, adding an artistic touch to any outfit. Notably, each Magnolia Pearl item is thoughtfully cut to ensure a "One Size Fits Most" approach, providing a flattering and accommodating fit for a diverse range of body types.

100% Cotton

Wash in Cold Water, Delicate Dry or Hang to Dry

One Size Fits Most (30"-35" Waist, 46" Hips, 39" Length)

Style: Pant 390 in Maggie

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