Patchwork Charmie Trousers

Patchwork Charmie Trousers

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Embrace a blend of creativity and comfort with our Cotton Yarn Dyed Patchwork Charmie Trousers. These trousers are a true testament to artistic expression, featuring captivating patchwork that adds a touch of individuality to your style. The hand mending and distressing bring a vintage-inspired charm, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail put into each pair. Crafted from premium cotton, these trousers offer a perfect balance between style and ease. In addition to their artistic flair, our Cotton Yarn Dyed Patchwork Charmie Trousers also boast practicality with an adjustable waistline and cinch back feature, ensuring a customizable and comfortable fit for all-day wear. Elevate your fashion game with the unique and captivating charm of our Patchwork Charmie Trousers, perfect for expressing your personal flair and standing out in any setting.

100% Cotton

Wash in Cold Water, Delicate Dry or Hang to Dry

One Size Fits Most (32"-38" Waist, 36 1/2" Length)

Style: Pant 510 in Madras Pink

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