Caution Light Lens Necklace

Caution Light Lens Necklace

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"This necklace is so unique! Guess where & what the orange broken pieces are?

For the past year I have been visiting a business that added recycled concrete fill to their parking lot. In the concrete fill are these orange broken pieces. I’m fascinated with the texture they’ve received over misuse. I’ve learned they once held the prestigious position of a construction zone caution barrier. A few of the other orange pieces are heavy equipment caution lights.

I love the rags to riches story they tell. Now they’re treated with reverence, the scratches have become their beauty.

I added bicycle inner tube as fringe for a whimsical fun style. The necklace band is tractor inner tube in different shapes & lengths. I’m always trying to create styles that leave zero waste behind."

  • Length is 16”

  • Adjustable up to 2”

  • Gunmetal & black chain

  • Lobster claw closure

  • Style: NOR

    Vendor: Tammy Rice