Frog Aspect

Long Black Elegant Multi Strand Necklace with Silver Beads

$114.50 $229
Color: BLACK

Long length multi strand necklace decorated with metallic beads. This modern necklace is made from lightweight stretch spandex fabric and is secured on the wearer with a magnetic clasp.

Care instructions: To keep it tangle-free - always hold the necklace on both sides and when put away, hang it with the clasp closed. In case it does get tangled, hold on to both ends of the clasp and stretch it until all the strands are back in place.

Hand wash in cold water when clasp is outside the water. Squeeze gently and lay flat to dry in a shady area.

Dimensions: ( neck line length) L- 8.4 inch W- 12 inch / L- 23cm W- 32 cm

Style: 2300

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